Zoe, with Veteran.

"I feel very lucky to have a job that enables me to be so close to the cycles of the earth."

Julie, with Milo.

"I don't think there's anywhere else that I could find the same kind of "family" as through the farm - the people I work with and the customers who have come here for decades."

Stanley Mehr, owner of Mehr's Flower Farm.

Julie's and Zoe's Garden Tips

1. Take very good care of your soil. Each fall, dig in nutrients like cow manure and compost. Use leaf mulch if you can because it decomposes more slowly and is better than hardware store compost for building healthy soil.

2. Don't weed your garden when the ground is wet because your shoes will pick up mud and track weed seeds through your garden.

3. Choose some "old reliables" for your garden that will grow for sure. Day lily bulbs, for example, can be planted upside down and they'll still grow for you.

4. When you water your garden, water the entire plot, not just the ground around the plants. Water thoroughly and not necessarily every day.

5. Put two or three drops of Clorox in a quart of water to keep flowers fresh and make them last longer.

6. Don't try to look pretty in your garden. Wear old clothes and get dirty. Buy a washing machine with a filter that is easy to clean.

7. Don't hate the weeds. Without weeds the flower has no value.

8. Do yoga so your back doesn't ache when you weed.

9. Sleep in your garden once in awhile.

10. Feel free to cut your flowers because cutting will stimulate more buds.

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