Joan's Book Recommendations

Joan says: I am an addicted reader and will read anything that is still enough and big enough. Among my favorite books are:

1. New Organic Grower 2ND Edition and Four-Season Harvest: How to Harvest Fresh Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long by Eliot Coleman. His books rank among the most influential for me. I don't read much of the current literature on organic gardening, preferring to simply go by instinct.

2. Great Possessions by David Kline, an Amish Farmer.

3. A Country Year: Living the Questions by Sue Hubbell, a bee keeper in the Ozark Mountains.

4. On cold, dark winter days I find the need to escape, which I do by reading and rereading books of historical fiction. I particularly enjoy the Dorothy Dunnett series on Scotland (The Lymond Series). As a weaver, spinner and dyer, I find the later series on the dye-trade in Holland and Europe particularly interesting.

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