"I arrived at the Shakespeare Folger Library at exactly the right moment. They had just begun to put in the Elizabethan garden and I immediately adopted it as my baby."

Francie's Garden Tips

Plant remedies and hints from my mother (and, undoubtedly, countless other Italian mothers before her):
1. Gargle with an infusion of sage for sore throat.

2. Chew parsley to cleanse the breath.

3. Lay lavender flowers and foliage in woolen clothes to drive away moths.

4. Sprinkle chopped garlic around fruit trees to keep worms from eating the fruit.

5. Never water seeds or plants with cold water. Always water plants first thing in the morning.

6. Plant parsley on Good Friday; according to folklore, it has to go to hell and back seven times before it sprouts (parsley is notoriously slow in sprouting.)

7. Plant fruits and vegetables that grow above ground in the first and second quarter of the moon. Plant vegetables that grow underground in the third and fourth quarter of the moon.

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