"My garden -- my beautiful, sacred, whimsical garden -- continues to be a powerful lesson for me in living a grace-filled life, in moving through the struggles and challenges, in trusting the peace that is always present."
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Beth's Garden Tips

1. Be attentive in your garden to the sacredness of the life forms.

2. Appreciate and care for them as part of yourself.

3. Marvel in the uniqueness and beauty of each flower, tree and shrub and celebrate their essence.

4. Be in the moment, mindful of the soil, the sunlight, the gentle breezes, the birds and other creatures as you work and commune.

5. When it feels right, classical music can enhance the aesthetics of your experience.

6. Be attuned to the cycles of the seasons and bask in the beauty of the rhythms and transformations.

7. Let your garden speak to you of its mysteries and its lessons of growth, healing and renewal.

8. Be gentle and forgiving of yourself when you are not in tune with or are neglectful of your garden. Each moment is a new beginning.