"I love a lot of color in my paintings, so I plant a riot of color in my own garden. This love of color is what led me to paint other people's gardens -- and that led to lots of commisions and lots of opportunities to work in beautiful gardens."
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Carol's Garden Tips


1. When deer eat your prize geraniums (and everything else), plant silk flowers among the live greens.

2. Put an apple in the potato bin so the potatoes don't sprout. Put a slice of bread in the brown sugar so it won't get hard.

3. Remember: Gardening and painting are 1% talent and 99% perspiration. Every famous artist was once a beginner.

4. If you have petunia worms, fill two glasses with wine and creep up on them with a flashlight after dark. Push the pests into one glass of wine and toast the evening and yourself with the other glass!

5. Be grateful for every day and all the beauty in it.